Meet David,
our AI chatbot

Introducing David, your new AI-powered companion.

Boost customer satisfaction and decrease support volumes rapidly

Harnessing the power of advanced AI language models trained on your support content, our chatbot tackles intricate challenges, delivering secure and precise solutions. Experience the future of customer support with our cutting-edge AI chatbot.

Automate your customer support using AI


David is an expert conversational AI bot designed to understand complex queries, ask clarifying questions, and engage in meaningful conversations with your customers. Enjoy seamless and effortless interactions, powered by David's natural language processing capabilities.


David automatically detects and answers questions in over 100 languages, enabling effortless assistance for your international customers. Overcome language barriers and expand your organization's reach with David as your language-savvy AI companion.

Question rerouting

Designed to understand and solve complex problems, David excels at providing comprehensive solutions. In instances where David doesn't have an answer, he seamlessly reroutes the query to your dedicated support team. Experience efficient issue resolution and seamless escalation with David as your reliable problem-solving partner.

Multichannel deploy

Don't limit yourself to a single channel. With one-click deployment across all our channels, you can effectively meet your users where they are. Expand your reach and enhance user engagement by leveraging multi-channel deployment capabilities.

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